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s family.Chu's breeze has no language all the way, have been being lookinging at an outside, but girl often looking at the brilliant scholar of Chu's breeze, Chu's breeze but China, is a water student's pride of their river, but always, but there is no 1 being as on good terms as Chu's breeze, Chu's breeze likes to steep in the library and habitually basically not agrees with with their life, so they know Chu's breeze, but Chu's breeze doesn't know them. The girl sees Chu's breeze now, not from peep out one silk accident, although Chu's breeze contains some varieties,still keeps being recognized out by her.Is continuously to steal to take aim Chu's breeze, although Chu's breeze realize,did not realize, but has been hoping in addition to window, cautiously looking at a fascinating world, don't stop the scenery, farmland of flash across, fish pond, there is also forest, various scenery of each kind, let Chu breeze feeling world of some kind of another beautiful. After 45 hours, Chu's breeze has already arrived station in Kyoto, Chu's breeze comes out station.Chu's breeze directly beats a car and arrived own dormitory.Chu's breeze puts back thing dormitory, to have already closed the door the distillery of great luck walk to, Chu's breeze directly arrives at back yard, but now firewood farmland and firewood enter mountain all in the game, only an age drinks tea in the yard at the old woman about 60 years old person and sees Chu's breeze, not from ask a way:"Who do you seek?" "I call Chu's breeze, is thi
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